My first post on Facebook re: Storeybord

Through deep reflection I identified that apart from healthcare, empowering the next generation of women entrepreneurs was something that I deeply cared about. This required focus and courage on my part to step up and make a difference.

Creating an environment for women entrepreneurs to bring a business to life is key to economic growth. It has more to do with mindset and empowerment vs the state of an economy and philosophical jargon. Through having been led by women business leaders in my career, I believe women bring a far more deeper, tolerant and diverse perspective across priorities that matter. Doing what is right and fearlessness being on the top of the list. I kept thinking to myself what if I was able to partner successful women leaders with aspirational ones.. would it impact our community. The answer was a resounding yes…. was the outcome. The site is 2 days old .. and writing for a blog is foreign to me. Still perplexed as to where I found the courage to do this.. but I am going to be relentless.

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