My Mother – Leadership Lessons


Growing up at home with my mother wasn’t easy. She had standards and I was not the easiest to raise. I remember while I was home for study breaks in primary school – she would stay up till 2am to get me to balance equations after balancing them herself first. I did not like studying as it was a lot of rote learning and preparing for exams back in school. She worked hard to keep our family feeling like one after her and my father parted ways. She taught me a few things along the way that led to me becoming who I am today.
  • Fearlessness: My mother was direct and fearless. Political savvy – not so much her thing. If something didn’t feel right or felt off she would speak up. This didn’t make her popular but when applied in ambiguous moments I learned it sets you free and gets you to stand for what is right. It also shows you care.
  • Perseverance: Be it professionally or at home my mother would simply not give up. She pushed through sometimes when she herself wasn’t sure how things would turn out. There were times in her career when things weren’t going exactly as planned and this impacted her confidence level. She overcame uncertainty with a mindset of getting things done with a sense of urgency and focus, which led to results.
  • Laugh it off: My mother would find pleasure in the simplest things in life and would often laugh at herself. Whenever we had a difference of opinion on a topic or I gave her feedback on how I wanted things to be – she would laugh it off and make light of it. Not because she didn’t take me seriously but because she didn’t want me to take things to heart which made me open up more and tackle opportunities head-on vs. let things pile up.
She taught me courage and taught me to stand for what is right. And most importantly she taught me how to value and respect a woman.

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