Self-Doubt : It’s a real thing!

When I was starting out with less than a week ago, I came across a few sites that already exist for women and entrepreneurship. This didn’t make me feel all that great. Why create content if it exists already.

Here’s what I am doing to keep me motivated:

  • Tune-Out distractions: The mind can serve as a powerful gift when directed for good. It’s important to catch distractions in the moment acknowledge it and re-direct thought process.
  • Authenticity: Sure, everyone’s got websites and twitter accounts with content but I learned what I am doing and headed toward will differentiate itself in the near future. Builds confidence.
  • Fear: Whatever we touch – we innately want to do well at. Fear when can shut you down and stall progress. The key to dealing with fear is to “Do Something…” the “doing” motivates you and progress is fulfilling.

It’s easier to let circumstances prevail and let self-doubt set in but like everything else in life..anything worth accomplishing requires focus and sacrifice.

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