Adversity Might be a Good Thing?

Sticky Note Possible Not Impossible

Adversity. “A difficult or unpleasant situation”, says the Oxford Dictionary. Going through difficult life circumstances has its own perks.

Here’s why adversity can be valuable:

Endurance: Going through turbulence and unpredictable circumstances in life prepares you and makes us more experienced. Instead of self-pity or frustration prioritize reflecting on what the learning could be.

Self-Awareness: By being open to navigating opportunities as they arise, you learn to trust your gut and become more self-aware. This allows you to build confidence to grow into a well-rounded leader.

Credibility: Learning from uncomfortable situations gives us life experience that adds to our credibility. Credibility gives us the ability to communicate and motivate others through sharing lessons learned.

Paying close attention to the “how” and the overall journey while navigating challenging circumstances, can help us better lead others and track our own personal development.



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