The Importance of Capturing Our Thoughts on a Noisy Planet 

Taking time to capture thoughts that pass through our minds can be challenging given the pace of our lives. Most of us are in “getting stuff done” mode.  Routine takes over and before we know it the day is done. Prominent thought leaders became so because of their ability to harness their thoughts to imagine and create new possibilities. Capturing our thoughts allows us to become proactive with our development.

Silhouette of a woman sitting in the sunset

Perks of Unplugging:

  • Being able to recognize what is working in our lives.
  • Generating ideas that could result in meaningful impact
  • Surprise yourself by seeing what your imagination is capable of
  • Getting to know yourself at a deeper level

Writing down thoughts as they form and finding a technology free and open space to be in does wonders for free thinking.

Had I not prioritized time to reflect, I’m not sure Storeybord would have taken form, three weeks ago. For nearly 10 months till that point I was exploring what a healthcare startup could look like. Something held me back and I couldn’t put my hands on what it was. I decided to acknowledge how I felt and prioritized time to unplug and introspect. Through deep reflection I asked myself what if a community existed that could empower ordinary women to achieve the extraordinary.  Reflection made me aware that Women close to home for me – had to endure hardship at different levels. Storeybord became a community to meaningfully impact the journey of aspiring women leaders and entrepreneurs.

The journey toward achieving one’s actual potential is profound because that is the sweet spot where confidence to scale new heights sets in. No matter how hectic our lives get, finding those small moments in time to unplug and reflect on what is good or otherwise will help us grow immensely.

I’m confident Storeybord will become a thriving community that will impact our societies and women in meaningful ways.

Grateful for your support and thank you for being a part of Storeybord.

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