Forget Resolutions ..Pick One Thing Close To Your Heart!

Resolutions are a lot of work. We’ve heard it all when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions.  They become chores after a while especially when you have to work to keep up with them.
New Year 2016 is coming
Here’s a different way of looking at them. Instead of calling it a resolution take time out to find the one thing thats holding you back from being happy – Period!.  This one thing should not be an easy fix. It needs to be challenging enough so we grow from solving for that one challenge in our lives. If it means working toward a career role that is worth everything  or developing an idea into a business of your own – then write down the 3 top things that will help you achieve that. Pivot that plan and fine tune it over  the year. Spend less time listening to the noise of naysayers around you. Write your ambition on the walls. Be vocal about it. Go with your heart and your gut. That will keep you motivated and help you make incremental progress toward your end goal.
For me personally, I want to work toward being an amazing father this year. I want to take in the experience of what it’s going to feel like to dedicate my life to caring for and loving my own child. It’s a gift that I didn’t think I would be afforded in this lifetime. The fulfillment from developing  Storeybord and my incredibly rewarding professional career will help balance my life.
Happy 2016 to each one of you and your families from Vancouver, Canada.
Anil Mathew Iype

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