Want to Work on your Blind Spots? Pick a Passion Project

Two months ago if you told me creating meaningful content would set me free I would have laughed you off. I wouldn’t have imagined that running a passion project would help improve some of my personal blind spots. Writing for Storeybord helped me with the following: Networking, Creativity and developing a 110% Approach or Screw It!
  • Networking: Open confession – I did not enjoy networking. Simply put I do not enjoy putting myself out there or talking too much about what I have done or what I do. I deflect – coping mechanism. Storeybord helped me build the confidence to let others in on my journey, what I stand for and my personal values. Others get to know you at a deeper level outside your professional and social circle.
  • Creativity: I do not consider myself creative – Period. I had a C- in Fine Art in high school. (not sure you could actually get a C- in art). I didn’t realize till starting to write for Storeybord that you need to feel inspired at that very moment in your thinking and writing and  to believe in what you post because the end reader can see right through fluff vs impactful content. Storeybord helped me flex a different set of cerebral skills and taught me to be creative with topics when developing content.
  • 110% Approach or Screw it! – Through Storeybord I learned if content posted does not do well in terms of user engagement or is not up to par by me – it does not deserve to be up. If its up it has to be relevant, meaningful and should increase awareness of the topic. There are other areas of my life such as running chores where I don’t mind being 90%. But with a passion project you got to give it 110% in order for it to become just that.
We are not perfect. It’s what makes us human. Passion projects can indirectly help us solve for some of our personal blind spots while leveraging our strengths at the same time.
What are you passionate about? Can you convert this into a project and one day into a meaningful cause or enterprise to impact social good.

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