Millennials 101 – What I learned from Developing Millennial Talent?

Millennials have changed the way businesses work.  “All I need is a stable Wifi Connection and I can plug in from anywhere” – seems like a convenient way to identify with this generation. There’s more to them than just that..Through my career I have had the privilege of leading high performing teams made up of highly talented Millennials…..
Culture: Millennials thrive in a flat and lean culture. They appreciate a purpose driven environment that allows ownership of work done.
Learning: Millennials love learning and growth opportunities. They are constantly on the lookout for stretch experiences to develop themselves and seek out feedback to regularly track progress.
Purpose: Working with purpose and knowing the “how” and the “why” behind getting things done drives Millennials.
Demanding: Millennials hold themselves and their leaders accountable for their development. They seek face to face connects and expect leaders to deliver on their commitments to their development.
Feedback: This generation sees feedback as a growth opportunity. An opportunity to course correct and increase self-awareness. Specificity and timeliness is key when providing feedback.
Work Ethic: There’s nothing ordinary about the effort millennials put into their work. They demonstrate hard work differently. They think things through, there’s intent, planning, asking questions and they work with a level of curiosity.
Working with Millennials taught me how to flex skills like when to be consultative, how to be directive and when to be a coach. I learned to develop humour, empathy and compassion when developing this talented generation of the future. Millennials taught me how to laugh at myself, and create an environment where high performers are able to challenge each other through feedback to delivering meaningful results.
“Invest the time to understand me as a person, including my passions, interests, desires, and needs both in and out of work.” – ICEDR Study on Millennial Women by Millennial Women.

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